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Good Medicine Donors

Thank you to the following corporations, foundations and individuals who are helping us bring more “good medicine” to underserved communities in King County.

Corporations and Foundations

Abbott Construction
Alliance Contract Flooring
Ashbaugh Beal
Bastyr University
Bayley Construction
Cascade View Elementary
Central Market Mill Creek
Collins Group
D.V. & Ida J. McEachern Charitable Trust
Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound
Ewing Electric, Inc.
HealthPoint Board of Directors
Hearst Foundations
Holaday-Parks, Inc.
Joshua Green Foundation
KeyBank Foundation
Kibble & Prentice, a USI Company
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Microsoft Corporation
Miller Hayashi Architects
The Norcliffe Foundation
Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc.
Patterson Dental
Seattle King County Dental Foundation
Seattle Met Magazine
The Seattle Foundation
The Crossroads Group
Shannon & Associates
Steel Encounters, Inc
Sterling Bank
Washington Dental Service Foundation


Aida Gallino
Aleida Barraza
Alexa Sanchez and Jaquelyn Murillo
Andrea Hensley
Andrew Paterson and Stacy Hagen
Andy and Michelle Goerdel
Annissa Cerna
Anthony and Amy Kelley
Anya and Rafael Zimberoff
Ashley Blood
Bao-Tram Do
Becky Glaze and Carrie Grant
Beth Church
Betsy and Kevin Jones
Bill and Debra Naubert
Bill and Arlene Neal
Brian and Nancy LaVielle
Bruce and Nadine Byers
Bruce Hayashi and Kari Schlechten
Caitlin Day
Carol Belland
Cassandra Karch
Chad Horner
Charles Lee
Charlie and Janel Newman
Chelsea Revoir
Chris Krumm
Christy Fuller-Mears
Christy Painter
Cindy Breed
Cobb Family
Corrine Chan
Cyndi Broderick
Dan Broughton
Dan and Mimi Dixon
Daniele ChavezCurtis
Dave Helland
Deanna O'Donnell
Debbie and Jerry Wilkinson
Deborah and Brian Lurie
Denise Ward
Diana Olsen
Diane Strom
Dick Paylor
Don and Judy Dees
Donald Climer
Donna O'Leary
Doron and Dina Holan
Ed and Dawn Lee
Ed Lein
Elizabeth Winders
Eric and Suraya Parsons
Estrellita Wagner-Villasenor
Esmirna Bazan
Evan Oakes and Jinna Kim
Friends of Bothell Pharmacy
Gabriele Pitts
George Heffner
Geraldine Franco
Gladys Nelson
Gloria and Ken Wolfe
Gregg Siu
Guy Tobin
Hammond Family
HealthPoint Auburn Dental
HealthPoint Board of Directors
Heather Hillinger
Holly and Jason Lynch
Holly and Tom Wyrwich
In Honor of the Jalbert Family
In Honor of J. Carmen and Herminia Camacho
In Memory of Devin Lee Topps
In Memory of Margaret Young
In Memory of MFW
In Memory of Walter B and Theresa L
Irina Roganova
James Berghuis
Jeanne Trompeter and Mark Cardwell
Jeanne Ziltener
Jeff Martin
Jeff Reiter
Jenna and Eddie DeGree
Jennifer Chu
Jerry and Vicki Bradley
Joann Blanusa
Joe Sperry
Joe and Dee Strecker
John Campion
John and Cheri McGowan
John and Joan Caron
John Weeks and Jeana Kimball
Joni Swenson
Joseph B. Martin
Judy Featherstone and Pat Montgomery
Julie and John Bianchi
Julie and Richard Shoji
Kathleen Cockrill
Kathleen Mazure
Kayla Caperoon
Dr. Kenneth and Michelle Lo
Kim and Bruce McDermott
Kristina Lee
Kristina Monk
Kristine Rabitoy
Larry Garcia
Larry and Suzie Miller
Laurel Kuehl
Lauren Wallace
Laurence M. DeShields II and Mary Naylor
Lavisa Wartchow
Lawrence Lemchen
Leah Hart-Ross
LeAnn Beutlich
Leighsa Francis
Lisa Yohalem and Jay Furtick
LuAnn Carlson
Luis and Blanca Garcia
Magda Herrera De Leon & Family
Maggie Smith
Mandy Tsui
Marcio Sauza & Susana Campa
Mark and Judy Clirehugh
Marlies Scott-Wenzel
Mark Robledo
Mary Jo Burns
Mary Looker
Mayra Linares
Medical/Dental Records 2013
Megan and Clark Wildenradt
Mel and Judy Kleweno
Michelle Matt
Michelle Waltenburg
Moselle Horiuchi
Nadine Edwards
Natalie Lamberjack
Nataliya Shuty
Nely Garcia
Neville Antia
Nick and Teal Whitaker
Nicole Lamas
Niki Creech
Noemi Katipunan-Erickson and Scott Erickson
Pamela and Jeff Gorsuch
Paschke Family
Patti Prescott
Paul Dziedzic
Paula Harris-Porter
Rahul Jathar
Rebecca Medina
Robert and Jenny Allred
Robin and Brian Rayfield
Roger and Debbie Veenhuizen
Roman M Pavlyuk
Ronald Friedman and Lili Sacks
Ron Uno and Teri Kertson
Rosemary and Luis Aragon
Ros Bond and Jill Marsden
Rosemary Langford
Ruth Michaelis
Sara Davila
Sarah and Michael O'Connell
Shannon Tang
Shawnna Jackson
Sherrie Pierce
Sheryl and Mark Stiefel
Sheryl Pot
Sierra Spring
Simone Martin
Sonia Sahay
Sonja Stendal
Steve Dugas
Steve Johnson
Sue Lasicka
Suzanne Laurel
Suzanne Skinner
The Brocious Family
The Upegui Family
Thomas Trompeter and Jane Rushford
Thomas Wais
Tim Frazier
Valerie Ramento
Vanessa Mapp
Victoria Goetz
Viktoria Garkavi
Wendy Renner
Yuppie Pawn Shop
Yvonne Choi
Yvonne L. Westover
Yvonne Paschke


Jan 2014: $1,956,590