50 years of health care for anyone who needs it.

Dear Friends,

This year marks HealthPoint’s 50th anniversary. From our first volunteer-run clinic in a Renton apartment, to a health care home for tens of thousands of people and a leader in whole-person care–we’ve come a long way.

The HealthPoint of 1971 (then called Valley Pulse) had no paid employees, no computers, and occasionally even no phone service. Times were tight for our organization and the community. Between 1968 and 1971, more than sixty-seven thousand people in South King County lost their jobs. Unemployment hovered at 17%, there were long lines at food pantries, and so many families were struggling to get by. Our community needed help.

The folks who founded HealthPoint saw that need and took action. They opened their homes and private medical and dental practices, they volunteered their time, they became self-taught experts in helping neighbors apply for things like food stamps and housing assistance. Described by one local paper as a “miracle agency,” the first HealthPoint provided more than health care; they created hope.

And a half-century later, we’re still at it. While much has changed, that passion for helping people live healthier, happier lives, and that dauntless determination to support and strengthen our community remains the same.

Through booms and busts, recessions and global crises, these core qualities have kept HealthPoint relevant and our communities resilient. This has never been more true than in the past 18 months. As needs changed with COVID, our staff worked relentlessly to re-imagine and transform how and where we care for our community.

While we responded quickly to help our patients stay safelycared for during the pandemic, we also kept moving forward on many exciting projects like the Family First Center in the Cascade/Benson area of Renton. A neighborhood hub for recreation, learning, and essential services, Family First is a model for the next generation of health centers—and where HealthPoint is headed as we move into the next half century of living our mission.

We know that there is more to health and well-being than just the delivery of health care services. That’s why we are rooting our new clinics in community hubs and partnering more deeply to create places and programs that address inequity, help people prosper, and empower wellness in both body and mind.

With so much opportunity ahead, it feels fitting that fifty is the “golden anniversary.” Thank you for helping us reach this milestone and for being part of our living legacy. Together we will create a brighter future for all.

With gratitude,

Lisa Yohalem, CEO
Lisa Yohalem

Where we started.

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson launched the Great Society, a series of policies designed to eliminate poverty and racial injustice. Community Health Centers were a key part of this program, with their promise of comprehensive health care for everyone, regardless of circumstances. That paved the way for what would become HealthPoint which serves tens of thousands of King County residents who deserve high quality health care.

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America’s Health Centers

Nearly 1,400

Community Health Centers nationwide

29 million

Americans provided with comprehensive health care

HealthPoint at 50.

Today, HealthPoint provides affordable, high-quality health care for more than 100,000 people at 20 locations throughout King County. Over the past five decades, we’ve continued to expand and improve our facilities, enhance our expertise, and grow our array of comprehensive services. Medical care, dental care, naturopathic medicine, behavioral health care, social services, and on-site pharmacies.

In the face of every challenge, our dedicated team of staff and providers never wavers from delivering the care people need most. We steadfastly believe that when the most vulnerable among us are healthier, we are all healthier.


Medical, Dental and other Future Community Health Professionals




Patient Visits






Behavioral Health


Natural Medicine


School Based Health Center Medical and Behavioral Health visits

*Statistics are from 8/1/20 through 7/31/21.

Humanity, technology and responsiveness.

Even before the most recent challenges, HealthPoint was continually evolving to meet the needs of our communities. But when the COVID era hit, we went into hyperdrive: expanding our telehealth capabilities and pharmacy delivery services, opening COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites, partnering with local groups and faith-based organizations to vaccinate community members, and more. Safely getting care to people disproportionately affected by hardship is our top priority.


In Telemedicine Grants


COVID-19 Tests Administered


Telehealth Visits


Online Medical Records


Health Center Locations


School-based Clinics

(1 more coming soon)


Behavioral Health Partner Clinics


Urgent Care Location



More than health care.

Good health goes far beyond doctors’ visits. It’s also about housing, fresh food, safe neighborhoods, and more. We’ve responded to growing food insecurity by starting an emergency food delivery program and mini food pantries at our clinics. We’ve expanded our homeless outreach services. We’ve increased support services to high risk patients during times of social isolation. And we continue to break down barriers to care for other vulnerable populations, such as refugees and people struggling with addiction and mental illness.

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HealthPoint Meets People Where they Are


King County Families Experiencing Homelessness


Homeless Service Visits


Unique Patients

The future is about bringing care and community together.

As we look ahead, we’re redoubling our commitment to meeting people where they are. On the street through homeless outreach programs. At school, with school-based health services. And in neighborhoods by co-locating new clinics where our communities come together like in Skyway at the Cynthia A. Green Family Center, in Renton at the Sunset Neighborhood Center, and more community center-based clinics coming soon in Renton, White Center, Redmond and Tukwila.


Languages Spoken


Uninsured patients


of HealthPoint patients
are low income

“Our Nation’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is stronger because of our health centers, and the tireless, dedicated health center employees who continue to deliver critical services such as COVID-19 testing, treatment, and prevention services on the front lines.”

– President Joe Biden

You make this happen.

HealthPoint couldn’t do everything we do without the help of our generous donors. And there is still so much more we need to do. Join us in creating a healthy community for all by making a gift of any size to HealthPoint.

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Uncompensated Care made possible by donors like you


can provide two controller inhalers for children with asthma


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supports 20 hours of homelessness outreach by our visiting nurse care team


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