Education Programs

Pre-Health Internships

Pre-Health students interested in pursuing a career as a primary care physician and working with the underserved may apply for the HealthPoint Pre-Health Internship. 

Internship Components

  • Meeting our medical students, dental students, medical residents, dental residents, pharmacy students, and faculty.
  • Observation of second-year A.T. Still University SOMA classes including workshops.
  • Observation of Grand Rounds including all students/learners at HealthPoint: Dental Students, Dental Residents, Naturopathic Residents, Behavioral Health Residents, Behavioral Health Interns, Behavioral Health Pre-Interns, and Pharmacy Students.
  • Attending a second-year A.T. Still University Osteopathic Principles and Practice Class.
  • Shadowing Family Medicine Physicians, Pediatricians, Naturopathic Physicians, Behavioral Health Consultants, Dentists and/or Pharmacists.
  • Observation of meetings to get an idea of clinic operations.
  • Tour of the HealthPoint Family Medicine Residency.
  • Volunteering at HealthPoint (Minimum of 32 hours). 



  • Understand what a Community Health Center is.
  • Learn about an Osteopathic Medical School (A.T. Still University).
  • Gain experience working with underserved populations.
  • Meet mentors at different stages of medical career as well as meeting students, faculty and providers.
  • Learn about the medical home model and Complementary and Integrative Health
  • Gain professional skills in the workplace and classroom environment.
  • Learn about the path to medical school. 


Apply for a Pre-Health Internship

Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our staff, patients, and Pre-Health Interns, we are currently not accepting applications to the Pre-Health Internship. Once our organization deems it safe, you can apply for a Pre-Health Internship.

To apply for a Pre-Health Internship at HealthPoint, you can complete our Internship Application and submit it via email.


Please note that volunteering at HealthPoint is a requirement of this Internship.