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2022 Shining Star Nurse Award Winner

May 18th, 2022
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By: Claudia Hartley, Content Wizard

2022 Shining Star Nurse Award Winner


We’re proud to share that HealthPoint’s Director of Clinical Support Services, Heather Stephen-Selby, BSN, MSN, ARNP-BC, RN was recognized by the King County Nurses Association (KCNA) as a 2022 Shining Star Nurse Award Winner.

This award honors exceptional nurses who demonstrate excellence in their areas of practice or contribute significantly to the nursing profession or within the community.  One of only two nurses in the county to be recognized, Heather is incredibly deserving of this award. 

Images of Heather from slideshow
Images of Heather from award slideshow
Images of Heather from award slideshow

Heather was nominated by Kendra Selby (her daughter) and Kathrina Westby-Sharman (her supervisor).  Below is a transcript of the award introduction speech given by KCNA President, Antwinett O. Lee:

“Heather has been a nurse for over 25 years, working for HealthPoint for four years. She has had an incredible impact with the organization and the communities and partnerships, especially during the pandemic. Heather is passionate in serving the most vulnerable and underserved in the communities. She brings her passion for nursing, education, health promotion, and disease prevention. She goes the extra mile and is never afraid to do the work herself, no matter the situation.

Heather inspires others with her dedication, organization, and commitment to safety by leading the vaccine efforts that lead to no outbreaks of COVID-19 for staff and patients across 18 clinics and 2 administration buildings with over 1,200 staff. According to colleagues, she is highly regarded, trusted and they would be lost without her.

From the beginning of pandemic, Heather prepared the medical team with triage protocols and training. She took the lead in staff vaccinations and clinic set up. She spent many long days standing in the cold and rain training and supporting staff so that the communities and patients could drive up and be vaccinated. Heather was a genius in managing supplies in a world of scarcity. She often says there is no “I” in “team”.

Heather continues to practice as a family nurse practitioner at the Tukwila clinic. She has been active in nursing associations at the local, state, and national levels including currently serves on the KCNA board as Secretary.

She believes in engagement and making a difference in addressing social and health disparities through the power of our profession.  Heather has had a unique professional background as an active ARNP, former Dean of Nursing/Allied Health, faculty, and Assistant Executive Director of Nursing Practice, Education and Research with WSNA. Her engagement in practice, policy development, legislation, and education gives her unique perspectives to share and her passion for nursing provides the drive to be innovative, collaborative and make an impact. 

Heather brings passion and energy everywhere she goes. To quote a colleague: “I have been honored to serve with, to support, and to elevate Heather as I watched her do the same for all around her. She is amazing.”

Heather loves to spend time with her husband and children. She is an avid soccer and hockey fan & follows the Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Canucks. She also enjoys gardening, walking the family dog, traveling and even plays the bagpipes!

KCNA is honored to present a 2022 Shining Star Award to Heather Stephen-Selby.”

And WE are honored to have Heather as a colleague. Thank you Heather!

Heather with an I vaccinate for sign.
Heather with volunteers and donations for Ukraine.
Heather vaccinating
Heather at community event