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Cleaner Food and Cosmetics

August 25th, 2014

Cleaner Food and Cosmetics


We can't avoid toxins in our environment entirely, but there are ways for us to minimize our exposure.

Buying organic produce can greatly limit your exposure to pesticides. A study at the University of Washington showed pesticide metabolites (break down products of pesticides) in the urine of children who were eating non-organic produce were several times higher than those eating organic produce. In certain fruits and vegetables, pesticide residues are much higher than in others, so these foods could be ones that you focus on when purchasing organic. For example, peaches, apples, and bell peppers top the list of produce containing high amounts of pesticide when purchased non-organic. On the other hand, onions, avocado and sweet corn top the list of produce that have very low levels. There is a website where you can view the produce with the highest levels of contamination with pesticides, the so called “dirty dozen”. The website is

Purchasing organic eggs and meat can be important because conventionally raised farm animals are treated with a variety of medications, including hormones and antibiotics. Sadly, we are also exposed to trace levels of these chemicals when consuming non-organic meat.

Choosing safe cosmetics is another way protect yourself and the environment. Here is a website where you can investigate how safe or how toxic the cosmetics (including hair products, makeup, lotions, fragrances) are that you are using. This website is

Providing information and guidance about healthy lifestyle choices is just one of the many ways our HealthPoint naturopathic medicine team benefits our patients.