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Congrats to our First Pharmacy Technician Training Program Graduate!

May 2nd, 2022
HealthPoint Programs & Staff

By: Claudia Hartley, Content Wizard

Congrats to our First Pharmacy Technician Training Program Graduate!


HealthPoint is proud to showcase the first employee to graduate from our on-the-job Pharmacy Technician Training Program: Congratulations Daniela Ramirez-Vivas!                                                                        
Daniela is our ‘first” for many milestones: she was a first pharmacy assistant at HealthPoint, and now she is our first in-house trained pharmacy technician. We are incredibly excited to congratulate Daniela with this amazing achievement!   

What is the Pharmacy Technician Training Program?   

HealthPoint’s Pharmacy Technician Training Program allows us to train current HealthPoint pharmacy assistants to become pharmacy technicians. 

Pharmacy technicians have broader and more advanced responsibilities than pharmacy assistants. While assistants perform clerical duties like handling transactions, stocking shelves, and answering phone calls, technicians can process prescriptions, bill insurance, administer immunizations, and manage inventory. 

We currently have 4 pharmacy assistants in the program right now to follow in Daniela’s footsteps.  

How does this program help our staff and patients?  

We are proud to offer our pharmacy assistants an opportunity to grow their skills, earnings, and career opportunities while on the job!  Having onsite training saves our staff time and money.   Having a highly trained workforce is a win for HealthPoint as we seek to expand access to high quality care, and a win for our patients who, thanks to our pharmacy technicians, will receive safe, fast service.  

Looking for your next career growth opportunity? 

HealthPoint is always looking for community-minded, can-do, compassionate people to join our team!  Click here to see our current openings.