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Raising Our Voices for Health Care

February 11th, 2019

Raising Our Voices for Health Care


Right now, it’s more important than ever to speak up and advocate for health care in our communities. That’s why over the past two weeks, HealthPoint’s staff and patients have joined with other community health centers (CHCs) to speak directly to senators and representatives in Olympia about important health issues in Washington state. 

We’re asking for three things:

  1. Protect the health care safety net for those who need low-cost or free care
  2. End the behavioral health crisis by funding services at CHCs
  3. Fund new and expanded dental clinics at CHCs

Our patients and staff filled out hundreds of testimonial cards that will be delivered to the Legislature in Olympia. Each of these cards are part of the Save Health Care in Washington campaign, and their purpose is to carry important messages that will influence how health care is funded in our state.

On February 7, ten HealthPoint staff and board members took advantage of a break in the snowstorms to travel to Olympia for the annual Legislative Days. We joined a host of CHCs for back-to-back meetings with over 20 Washington State senators and representatives to ask for their support of health care and CHCs.

At HealthPoint, we believe everyone can be an advocate—that means our patients, donors, community partners, and staff.

Want to get involved? Send an email or call your state representative and senator and ask them to protect the health safety net and invest in CHCs’ capacity to provide behavioral health and dental services.

HealthPoint Staff with Washington State Representative Kristine Reeves (WA-30). Click here for more photos.