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Statement of Support - Reaffirming Our Commitment to All

December 2nd, 2016
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Statement of Support - Reaffirming Our Commitment to All


In an inspiring show of support for our patients, staff, neighbors and families, we have joined over 50 other organizations to release the following statement:

This statement was drafted by the Northwest Refugee and Immigrant Health Coalition (NWIRHC), a group of doctors, social workers, educators, and others who have been working together to improve the health of refugees and asylum seekers in our communities.  They felt compelled to issue a statement of support in the face of a rise of hate speech particularly directed against Muslims, refugees, and undocumented immigrants.

We would like to thank the two HealthPoint providers who helped create and coordinate this effort:  Liza Perpuse, MD, Clinical Director of Refugee and Multicultural Health, and Shoshana Aleinikoff, MD. Their goal has always been to:

1) reassure refugee/immigrants that they have strong allies in the community,

2) encourage organizations and key leaders to commit publicly to these basic ideals, and 

3) show social solidarity that we will not silent in the face of discrimination in all forms. 

As the website states, we stand with these organizations to “reaffirm our long term commitment to equality, diversity and freedom of religion.” You are encouraged to share this message and refer to the website, which details the history of the statement, the current signatories and even offers a toolkit for individuals to help address issues they may face.