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Valentine’s Day Recipes for a Happy Heart

February 12th, 2017

Valentine’s Day Recipes for a Happy Heart


Valentine’s Day is a time to express what’s in your heart. What better way to show you care than to do something sweet for your sweetheart’s heart?  After all, February is Heart Health Month. While we know the typical Valentine’s Day involves a fancy restaurant and gooey desserts – why do something typical for someone special?   

This year, skip the overpriced restaurant and instead treat your loved one to a heart-healthy home-cooked meal.  We know what you’re thinking —isn’t healthy cooking:

A.) expensive;
B.) time-consuming; and
C.) bland?    

We had the same concerns until we chatted with HealthPoint nutritionists Angela Kuhn, RDN and Denise Ward, RDN.  As nutritionists, Angela and Denise help educate, motivate, and support patients who are interested in incorporating changes in diet as part of their journey towards better health.   

According to Angela and Denise, the correct answer to our healthy cooking multiple-choice is actually: D.) none of the above.  We were still skeptical, so we asked them to help us come up with a heart-healthy Valentine’s Day menu that won’t break the bank or bore your taste buds. Boy did they come through!

Check out the recipes below for help planning a romantic dinner that you can, quite literally, eat to your heart’s content.

Appetizers (after your own heart):

(Eat-your-heart-out) Entrées:Citrus Ginger Honey Glazed Salmon

(Won’t-go-breaking-your-heart) Desserts:

If you’re interested in getting more resources for health eating, consider making an appointment with one of our HealthPoint nutritionists. Worried about what to expect? Check out this blog by registered dietician Denise Ward; we’re here to help and support you!