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We MUST Speak Up!

January 6th, 2017
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We MUST Speak Up!


What does it mean to be an advocate? Advocacy is the only way for your voice to be heard – plain and simple.  We elect the people who make key decisions about our health care, our children’s education, our paychecks and much more.  If we remain silent and do not share with them what our expectations are for handling these decisions, then they have no choice but to assume we are okay with the status quo.  If we speak up, in volume, with hundreds and thousands of other voices then we will be heard, much like an amplifier.  By amplifying our message and our voices together, we are in fact stronger.

As citizens concerned about access to health care, it’s important for elected officials to know how important programs such as HealthPoint's are to the care we provide every day for the people who live in our communities.  It’s important as constituents to remind elected officials that we hold them accountable, and that they were chosen by the people to represent the people.  If we do not speak up, our message, our needs and our communities will not be heard and may be misrepresented.  We MUST speak up, we must do it together and we must hold them, and ourselves, accountable.