Patient Portal

What should I do if I forget my login or password?

Go and click Patient Portal. Click Log In. You will then be asked for your username or personal information (which must match doctor's office records). Once submitted and accepted, a password reset email will be sent to your email address.

What if my account gets locked?

After four failed password attempts, your MyHealthPoint account will lock. It will unlock automatically after 20 minutes.

Why can't I see my latest lab results?

We release results to you as soon as they are available. Therefore, you may see some results even before we do. Please give us 2 business days to review and let you know our thoughts. We look at every result. We will contact you with any results that may concern us. If your results are not concerning, we will mail a letter, or send an online message about the results. If your results are concerning, we may reach out by phone or schedule a follow-up visit. However, if you have an immediate concern, you can send us a message or call our clinic. Otherwise, we prefer that you wait 2 business days for us to contact you or that we discuss the results at your next appointment.

Why is information missing from My Chart in MyHealthPoint?

You must first request your health record in My Chart to get the most up-to-date records to be transferred to your account. This request must be submitted every time that you want your chart updated. Please note that there may be delays before your recent records are available after you submit your request. A notification email will be sent to you when it is ready for viewing.


If you are not seeing the information you require, please contact HIM (425) 277-1311 x74419 or

Why can't I view documents sent to me by my care team?

Documents are viewed in PDF by using a program called Adobe Acrobat.  You may need to update or download the Adobe Acrobat program on your computer to view the documents. Please check the Adobe help page for more information. There is a link to download and update Adobe Acrobat at the bottom right of the screen when logged into MyHealthPoint. Please read the Adobe Help page for more information.

How do I print or download documents that I can view in MyHealthPoint?

After opening the document, try hovering near the bottom of the page to bring up a hidden menu that offers options to print or download. Most documents have a link at the top where you can download a copy as well.

Why am I not receiving MyHealthPoint notifications in my email account?

Be sure to check your spam folder for notifications and add the sender to your contact list or safe list for future emails.

Why can't I see all of my appointments in the MyHealthPoint Inbox?

Only appointments requested through MyHealthPoint will appear in your Inbox. You can view all of your scheduled appointments under the Upcoming Appointments section of the home page or on the My Appointments page under the Schedule tab.

Why can't I go back to the Home Page?

There are times while navigating MyHealthPoint that you get stuck on a page and not know how to return to the home page. The system may also freeze on a specific page as well. In these instances, it is best to close and re-open your browser to get back to the MyHealthPoint login screen where you can re-enter your username and password.

What if I change my email address?

Please notify your care provider that you have a new email address. You also need to update your MyHealthPoint account by going to the My Information page under the Settings tab.