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Living Life Generously
September 28, 2014
Living Life Generously

Camryn Manheim, actress and social activist, will delight and inspire you as she regales us with her stories and how doing well by others really helps us to do well for ourselves and our communities.
Dealing with PMS Naturally
September 22, 2014
Dealing with PMS Naturally

A number of jokes and cartoons surface when searching the Internet for information on premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but for many women PMS is no laughing matter. About 80% of menstruating woman will have PMS symptoms and 5% of these women will be incapacitated on a monthly basis for severe symptoms.
Community Health: Just What the Doctor Ordered
September 18, 2014
Community Health: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Doctors and nurses thinking about transportation and housing? In this powerful TED talk, Rishi Manchanda, a Los Angeles provider with a background in serving society’s most vulnerable communities, emphasizes the importance of “paying attention to a patient’s life outside the exam room”.

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