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What We’re Doing to Protect Patients from COVID-19

May 29th, 2020
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What We’re Doing to Protect Patients from COVID-19


At HealthPoint, your safety is our number one priority. We are here to care for your health. Every day we take special cleaning and safety precautions in our clinics.  

Here is what you can count on:   

We continually clean and disinfect.  

After every patient visit, exam rooms are cleaned and disinfected by staff. All our clinics are professionally cleaned and disinfected several times a week. All surfaces (including door handles, chairs, and counters) are sprayed with a disinfectant that kills coronavirus.    


We are carefully caring for all patient needs by treating potential COVID-19 issues in specially designated areas. 

All patients are screened for COVID-19 symptoms when they arrive at HealthPoint. A greeter will take your temperature and ask if you have symptoms or have been near someone with COVID-19.   

If you have a temperature, symptoms, or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19: The greeter will ask you to return to your car or wait outside. You will then be called by a HealthPoint staff member to assess if you should be tested for COVID-19.  

COVID-19 testing takes place in a tent outside the clinic OR in a special exam room that doesn’t allow air to flow into other parts of the clinic. These exam rooms are not used for regular appointments, and they are disinfected thoroughly.  


Everyone at HealthPoint wears a mask and practices excellent hand hygiene.  

Masks: All patients, visitors, and staff members are required to wear a mask or face covering in the clinic at all times.  If you have a face mask or covering, please plan to wear it when coming to the clinic. The greeter will give you a face mask if you don’t have one of your own. Please wear the mask throughout your visit. If you have a challenge with wearing a mask, please let the greeter know so they can safely work on an accommodation.  

Hand hygiene: Hand sanitizer is available throughout our clinics. Please use sanitizer when you arrive and before you leave. Wash your hands after using the restroom or if they are dirty. Our providers and staff wash their hands and use sanitizer before and after seeing every patient.  

We monitor and protect our staff’s health.  

HealthPoint staff members are checked for a fever or symptoms every day before they start work. Staff who may be ill are sent home.  

HealthPoint currently has enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff. All our staff wear face masks. Providers wear face masks, gloves, and may wear a gown and a face shield for some procedures. PPE keeps our patients safe as well as our staff. 


Keeping our distance.  

We've adjusted appointment schedules to limit the number of people waiting in the lobby. Please come alone to your appointment, if possible, to prevent crowding in the clinic. Lobby chairs are spaced at least 6 feet apart. Our check-in and check-out lines are marked to maintain 6 feet of distance between patients.  

You can still get care while staying safe at home.  

Phone visits: Our providers can talk about new health concerns and monitor your health over the phone. It is important to talk to your provider regularly if you have a condition like hypertension, diabetes, asthma, or depression/anxiety. Call us to make a phone appointment.  

Pharmacy delivery: Our pharmacies offer free mail-order delivery of medications. Ask your provider about how to sign up. Our staff can even deliver your medication to your home if it’s urgent.