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Salar Alkhshali: Drive and Determination

April 19th, 2024
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Salar Alkhshali: Drive and Determination


“I am passionate about helping others get the quality of health care they deserve.”

Lab Medical Assistant, Salar Alkshali was determined to help others in health care after her mother experienced a lack of proper medical care. Even after immigrating to the United States, she remained focused on her goal. “It’s given me awareness as someone who had every obstacle to overcome but as someone who came from a different culture, I can identify other’s problems and be empathetic to their concerns and needs. Starting over sometimes means getting new chances and new opportunities to be whatever you want to be” Salar described.

Salar and her family moved from Iraq for a better future after the war broke out in her country in 2013. Life immigrating to a new country was challenging and at times fearful. She explains, “I came from a conservative culture where wives stay home to take care of their kids and husband’s family. Adjusting to a new life can be challenging, I had the fear of culture shock, language barriers, financial consideration, and fear of social integration.” However, Salar was determined and went back to school first for ESL then to college to receive her degree to become a Lab Medical Assistant.

While Salar didn’t achieve her dream of getting her master’s degree and opening her own lab in Iraq, she still makes a difference in people’s lives as a Lab Medical Assistant at HealthPoint, the first place to welcome her family after immigrating.  

Learn more about Salar’s work as a Lab Medical Assistant in the video below.