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How Often Should my Child go to the Doctor?

It’s important for your child’s health to visit the doctor regularly. These visits are called Well Child visits. The doctor will check that your child is growing and developing well, and give them immunizations to protect them from diseases.

Well Child visits are a good time to talk to your child’s doctor. They can answer your questions and support you to care for your child.

Here is more information about how to plan your child's medical care.

Infants and Toddlers

Most babies should visit the doctor 8 times during their first 18 months. The doctor will ask you questions about how your baby is learning and changing. Your baby will receive immunizations at some visits to keep them safe from diseases.

School-Age Children

It’s important to schedule a doctor’s appointment for your child in spring or summer before school starts. Kids need to receive immunizations to go to school. Your child will be checked by the doctor to make sure they are physically healthy. They will also receive their immunizations.

If your child will play sports or be on a team, they should receive an annual sports physical. The doctor will check if your child is healthy to exercise or play sports.

Visits for your school-age child are also important for their emotions, learning, and social life. Your child’s doctor can find problems early and get your child the support they need.


The teenage years are a time of great change for your child. Their health needs will change too. Your teenager should see the doctor to check if they are healthy. The doctor can answer your teen’s questions about their health, emotions, nutrition, fitness, sexuality, and alcohol/drug use.

These visits are also time for you to talk to the doctor about your concerns as a parent. The doctor can help you learn how to talk to your teen about drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, and depression with your teen.

Your teen can receive most of these services at a HealthPoint school-based clinic.

Call your HealthPoint Clinic to Schedule an Appointment for your Child.


Clinical review by Carolyn Halley, MD. HealthPoint Medical Director
Reviewed November 14, 2019
Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics
This information is not intended to be medical advice. Please talk to your doctor with any questions about your health.