Health Services

Behavioral Health Care

Our Behavioral Health providers are licensed psychologists who work as apart of our health teams at HealthPoint. Their role is to provide whole-person care alongside your primary care provider, focusing on their expertise of helping patients improve their quality of life and functioning. They can help you make positive changes to cope with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, relationship issues, addiction, chronic disease management like diabetes, chronic pain, and other conditions that might affect your health and well-being.

If you are interested in meeting with a HealthPoint Behavioral Health provider, please speak with your medical provider or call your clinic to request an appointment. Behavioral health care is available to all HealthPoint patients, no referral is needed.

Please note: Typical visits with Behavioral Health average 20-30 minutes. Some patients get everything they need out of one visit and some patients have follow-up visits. The Behavioral Health provider will help you decide what are the next steps in your care including if you need any additional referrals to a specialty mental health provider.