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Pharmacy Services

HealthPoint pharmacies offer:

Affordable Medications and Services

• Help patients afford their medications regardless of insurance status. Whether you are insured or uninsured, we have options to assist so everyone can afford their medications. Please, check with your pharmacist what is the best option for you and your family depending on your needs.

• Free mail and home delivery of prescriptions. No time? No transportation? No problem! We can help get medications to you for free. Please, contact your pharmacy for details and options.


• Location – Come to one of our 9 locations! Flexibility matters-your prescription can be filled at ANY one of our 9 locations. HealthPoint pharmacies are located within most medical and dental clinics.  We work closely with our providers to expedite the filling of your prescription at our onsite pharmacy after your visit.  Our pharmacies have access to your medical provider and your records to quickly resolve issues or extend refills. This allows us to provide better care by preventing any gaps in medication access. For a list of our pharmacy locations and hours of operation click here.

• 24/7 Mobile app/On-Line ordering – Use our online ordering system to refill your prescriptions anytime; for instructions click here. 

• 24/7 Automated Phone Ordering System – Use our phone system to refill your prescription by phone anytime; for instructions click here.

• Text messages –Enroll in our text messaging services to receive alerts when your prescription is ready for pick up, as well as many other useful notifications to keep you informed about the status of your prescription.

• Automated Refills-Enroll in our automated refill service. It allows the pharmacy to refill your chronic medications at the right time without you having to make a refill request. If you are signed up for text messages-we will refill your prescription AND alert you when it is ready for pick up. 

• Mail and Home Delivery Options – Skip standing in lines and save time by signing up to our free mail order service. It’s a perfect option for chronic non-urgent medications that you get every month. Need something urgently, but cannot come to the pharmacy? We got you covered! Get your medications delivered to your home by courier service on the same day. Both services are absolutely FREE.

Specialty Pharmacy

Certain medications and disease states require close monitoring to improve safety and ensure clinical outcomes are being met.  Our highly trained staff, including a board-certified specialty pharmacist and clinical pharmacist, are available to educate, train and monitor your therapy closely to ensure you achieve desired and planned results.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

• Medication Management- Speak to one of our pharmacists about having a one-on-one private consultation to thoroughly review your medication therapy.

• Substance abuse treatment- HealthPoint pharmacies, in conjunction with HealthPoint medical providers, offer low-barrier substance abuse services including medications access.

• Hepatitis C and HIV PrEP- HealthPoint specialized medical providers can help treat and cure patients who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed, there may be a treatment option for you.  If you want to be tested to see if you have Hepatitis C, HealthPoint can screen for this. If you are concerned about HIV infections, please contact (check contact info with HIV clinical team) 

• Vaccine services- HealthPoint pharmacies offer immunization services to adult patients on a walk-in basis.  It’s quick and convenient. 

• Other Services - Please check with your pharmacy to see what other services are being offered.

Safety and Care

HealthPoint pharmacies are uniquely positioned to ensure your medications are right for you.  Our pharmacists have access to HealthPoint medical and dental records and can review all chronic conditions, allergies, medication alerts, labs, and other clinically relevant information.  This is unique to HealthPoint and not available to outside pharmacies. What else can we do?  

1. Compliance packaging- HealthPoint pharmacy offers a convenient way for patients on 5 or more medications to safely take medications, offering an adherence packaging solution that will pack all your medications taken together in a convenient pouch strip. 

2. Medication Synchronization-HealthPoint pharmacy staff is able to synchronize all your medications, so everything gets filled at once. This prevents multiple trips to the pharmacy and ensures never having to miss a medication refill.

3. Refills - HealthPoint pharmacist can authorize refills for certain medications on behalf of your provider; this allows you to get your medication quicker.

4. Drug Take Back Kiosks- All HealthPoint pharmacies offer drug take back kiosks so you can safely dispose of unused medications.  Medication collection kiosks help prevent prescription drug abuse and reduce the environmental pollution resulting from improper drug disposal.

5. DisposeRx - HealthPoint pharmacies carry DisposeRX packets. It provides a safe solution for the disposal of unused or expired medications at home, particularly opioids and antibiotics.

Travel Clinic

Please call 1-877-233-0246 if you’re interested in our Travel Clinic Services.