Health Services

Pharmacy Services

HealthPoint pharmacies offer:


We want to make this easy for you.  Filling prescriptions and keeping up with refills can be challenging.  That is why we have on-site pharmacies at most of our locations, as well as a specialty pharmacy service.  


By filling your prescriptions in-house, your pharmacist is able to see all medications you have been prescribed.  This can help prevent any dangerous mixtures of medications. 


We offer a number of savings opportunities such as our FREE home delivery service and a sliding fee scale for the uninsured.  We will also work on your behalf to find brand name drugs at discount prices. 

Specialty Pharmacy Services

HealthPoint's Specialty Pharmacy is for patients with complex health conditions. Our Specialty pharmacists work with you and your provider to manage your condition using a treatment care plan. Patients have 24-hour telephone access to a pharmacist for any urgent questions. Medications can be mailed to your home or picked up at any of our 9 clinic locations. We make sure you receive your medication on time. Financial assistance is available if you need help paying for your medications. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.