Behavioral Health Education & Training

Primary Care Behavioral Health Model (PCBH)

At HealthPoint, we utilize the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model to provide population-based health care.

Behavioral Health Consultants, or BHCs, are fully integrated psychologists that work alongside primary care providers and other members of the care team to provide screening, consultation, and brief interventions to patients.

What is the goal of the PCBH model?

The goal of PCBH is to improve and promote overall health within the general clinic population.

Which patients do Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) work with?

Our clinics and BHCs see patients of all ages (pediatrics to geriatrics), and from a very diverse range of backgrounds. Many of our patients have low incomes.  We provide high quality, compassionate care in more than 70 languages and serve a large percentage of our region's immigrant and refugee populations.  

What types of issues do Behavioral Health Consultants address with patients?

Patients are referred to Behavioral Health for all types of behavioral issues, including coping with chronic illnesses, like diabetes, obesity, and chronic pain; lifestyle modification regarding exercise, diet, and smoking cessation; and "psychological" problems such as anxiety, depression, and the whole range of mental health disorders. Many patients are also seen for subclinical problems such as stress management, parent-child problems or medication nonadherence.

What does the PCBH model look like in action?

Behavioral Health Consultants provide brief patient assessments, developing a treatment plan and coordinating that plan with the primary care provider. We also engage in preventive activities such as parenting education and stress management classes. BHCs use evidenced based treatments and interventions that help patients improve overall health, functionality, and quality of life.

Visits are brief (20-30 minutes) and are focused on functional restoration rather than diagnosis and therapy.  

Who are the members of a patient's care team?

A HealthPoint patient's care team includes a wide range of expertise, including the primary care provider, nurse clinician, medical assistant, Behavioral Health Consultant, dentist, nutritionist, and even an acupuncturist.