Student Training Programs

Behavioral Health Education & Training

Mission & Overview

The mission of HealthPoint's Behavioral Health Education Training Program is to train future psychologists in the primary care behavioral health model of service delivery with a focus on an underserved and culturally diverse patient population.

HealthPoint welcomes as many as seven pre-doctoral interns, two practicum or pre-interns, and seven fellows each year. 

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We are excited to have students involved at all levels of our program. After an initial period of intensive training on the behavioral health consultant model, associated assessment and intervention skills, and crisis management procedures, students will be placed in clinics as Behavioral Health Consultants where they
will meet with patients and consult with primary care providers (PCPs). Our Behavioral Health staff includes more than a dozen full-time psychologists who provide collaborative care at our health centers and supervision for our interns.


Patients are referred to Behavioral Health for all types of behavioral issues, including medical problems such as coping with chronic illnesses, like diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, lifestyle modification regarding exercise, diet, and smoking cessation, and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and a whole range of mental health disorders. Many patients are also seen for subclinical problems such as stress management, parent-child problems, or medication nonadherence. 


Behavioral Health students will be involved with brief patient assessments, developing a treatment plan, and coordinating that plan with the primary care provider. We train our students throughout the year in relevant behavior change theories such as cognitive-behavioral, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, and group approaches. We also engage in preventive activities such as parenting education and stress management classes. Patients seen at HealthPoint vary and can include low-income, uninsured populations as well as refugees and immigrants.

Pre-Doctoral Internship Program

Each year, up to seven interns join our APA Accredited Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program.

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Fellowship Program

The fellowship program offers doctoral graduates an additional year of intensive learning in the PCBH model while expanding on leadership and clinical skills.

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Pre-Intern & Practicum Student Program

Our Psychology Practicum and Pre-Internship Program offers an excellent opportunity to learn skills for behavioral health consultation in primary care.

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Interns receive individual and group supervision, along with monthly didactics.

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Our Model of Care

At HealthPoint, we utilize the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model to provide population-based health care.

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Alumni Network

Our Behavioral Health Education Alumni are employed across the United States and Canada in various positions and settings

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