Nurse Practitioner Residency

Program Design

Our program and curriculum are designed to support recent graduates in successfully transitioning to sustainable, independent practice in community health settings. Our program consists of:

Continuity clinic – Residents see patients from their own panel with the support of a preceptor two days a week.

Mentored clinic – Residents see patients from the schedule of another provider one day a week in order to curate visits and ensure breadth and depth of clinical experience.

Specialty rotations – Residents see patients with various specialists one day a week.  Specialty rotations for 2022-2023 include clinical pharmacy, sports medicine, community outreach, urgent care, behavioral health, suboxone, school-based health, pediatrics, geriatrics, complementary and integrative health, dermatology, and refugee health.

Didactics – These are weekly learning sessions that include interdisciplinary learning with our Behavioral Health (students and residents), DO (students and residents), Dental (students and residents) and pharmacy students.

Sustainability – A focus on provider wellness and promoting long term, sustainable careers in community health settings.

Project ECHO – This is a learning collaborative between specialists and primary care providers. For 2022-2023, residents participated in the Gender Affirming Care and Cardiometabolic Project ECHO. 

Independent project – Residents will develop their own quality improvement project to help improve the health of our patients or our healthcare system. This is a small to medium size project.