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Sometimes the best medicine is a helping hand.

2020 has provided great challenges for all of us.  At HealthPoint we continue to rise to those challenges and have transformed the way we care for our patients and our community in response to this crisis.   

As we look ahead to 2021, we know our community’s need for accessible and comprehensive health care services will increase. We will need to continue to support our patients and our care teams in accessing and using telehealth for care.  We are also witnessing an increase in behavioral health needs due to the stress of this unprecedented time. 

Our work in the community is also a priority in 2021. We serve 900 students in our school-based clinics, and although students are not physically at school, these students still need us for everything from counseling to primary care. We also serve over 1,000 patients in our homelessness outreach program, and sadly, we expect that number to increase as more people experience financial insecurity during this time.  


Challenge: The unique impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have increased fears about accessing primary health care. This can lead to delays in care and untreated health problems, which is especially true for people with chronic diseases, language and cultural barriers or compromised immune systems.

Solution: HealthPoint is adopting the use of telehealth, which connects patients to health care services virtually through telephone or videoconferencing and allows our health care providers to provide critical care to patients remotely. Telehealth helps ensure patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

Telehealth makes access easier for those who lack transportation or childcare, or who can’t afford to take time off work for an in-clinic appointment.

Behavioral Health

Challenge: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how we live, work, shop, and interact with each other, negatively affecting people’s mental health.  The crisis is creating new challenges for those already suffering from mental illness or substance use disorders. The impact of prolonged school and business closures and high levels of stress and uncertainty, exact a tremendous psychological toll. Stress that is not addressed can become chronic and result in physical and behavioral health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, domestic violence, and depression.

Solution: The primary care setting is an important gateway to behavioral health services. HealthPoint offers easy access to integrated mental health and substance use treatment services as part of the patient’s primary medical care. This integrated whole-person approach to primary care helps screen and treat more people in the community with both behavioral and physical health needs.

School-Based Health Care

Challenge: Many students in our communities face disparities of trauma, economic stress, food insecurity, and lack of medical care. Mental and physical health needs don’t disappear in a pandemic—in fact, in many cases, these needs are intensified. School based clinics provide a safe haven for students and we must keep these valuable resources open even when the schools are closed.

Solution: Throughout this crisis, we have kept our clinics open for in-person visits one day per week and pivoted to provide telehealth services. In addition to primary care, our clinic staff continues to address student concerns such as substance use, sexual assault, and mental health issues. School based health clinics help students feel empowered to be in charge of their own health care. Good health habits early in life are vital, and help students mature into healthier adults


Homelessness Outreach

Challenge: COVID-19 is dramatically impacting those in our community who are experiencing homelessness and are particularly vulnerable to illness and exposure to the elements. These individuals have much higher rates of serious underlying health problems and have no way to self-quarantine. The annual homelessness count in January 2020 found that the percentage of families with children experiencing homelessness increased by 35% over the past year. The situation has now become even more dire because of COVID-19 and the economic issues the lockdown created.

Solution: HealthPoint’s community outreach teams go out in the community to reach those experiencing homelessness and offer integrated medical, addiction and behavioral health services, case management, and social services. The interdisciplinary team addresses immediate survival needs, provides health education, establishes trusting relationships, and facilitates access to available services. We expect 2021 to be one of the hardest years for homeless persons in our community due to shrinking municipal budgets and lack of available resources. We stand ready to meet this challenge.

Where the Need is Greatest 

At HealthPoint the pandemic has inspired innovations that we never anticipated. We never expected to be a community testing site or to find solutions for patient's food insecurity issues while in quarantine. The "Greatest Need" fund allows us to continue to be nimble and have the power to innovate in ways that best serve, not only our patients, but the entire South and Northeast King County area. 

How You Can Help 

Community Health Centers are vital to the health our communities now more than ever. As we've learned this year, our health is connected to and dependent on the health of others. We ask that you join us in rising to the challenges of today to help us all live healthier tomorrow. When making an investment in HealthPoint YOU are investing in the health of OUR whole community. 

Together with you, we are the helping hands.

$100 can provide two controller inhalers for children with asthma 

$150 covers one session with a behavioral health specialist 

$1000 supports 20 hours of homelessness outreach by our visiting nurse care team 

$3500 outfits one physician with everything they need to provide care via telehealth 

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