Nurse Practitioner Residency

How to Apply and Questions


Applications are now open for the Class of 2024!  To apply, please prepare the following materials, submit your application in ADP, and ask your letter of recommendation writers to email their letters to

Applications close February 17, 2023. 

Interviews will occur in March and April of 2023.

Offers are extended on or after April 10, 2023.

Please submit the below materials with your application here. 

Curriculum Vitae (CV). 

 - Please include your RN, ARNP and DEA numbers (if applicable)

Personal statement (please answer the following questions in two pages or less)

- Why are you interested in the Nurse Practitioner Residency Program at HealthPoint?

- Why are you interested in primary care and community health? 

- What has your experience been working with people from diverse and underserved backgrounds? 

- What are your long-term career plans?

Academic transcripts from graduate school program. 

- Unofficial transcripts are accepted. 

Please also have two letters of recommendation emailed directly from the author to with the applicant’s name in the subject line.

- One from an academic source

- One from a professional source, such as a preceptor or clinical supervisor


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the residency qualify for loan repayment?

HealthPoint qualifies for student loan repayment through NurseCorps and Washington Health Corps | WSAC. We also qualify for HRSA loan repayment.  Each site has a different HPSA score and funding varies year to year. As of 2022, HealthPoint sites qualify for HRSA funding. The residency year does not qualify for loan repayment; but the second year of employment does. 

What is the estimated starting salary as a resident and then after the first year?

Year one salary (residency year): $85,667.99 Year two salary (full time provider): $114,223.98

How many work hours are expected each week? Are there clinical vs. non-clinical hours?

This is a full-time position of 40 hours a week. Regular work hours are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. There may be some evening or Saturday hours for specialty rotations. Residents will also take call twice a year. Clinical hours account for 80% of the time. There may be the need to work outside of regularly scheduled hours, as sometimes comes up with salaried positions.

Should the two-page personal statement be double or single spaced?

Single spaced.