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Christene Mayo: Simply Impactful

February 28th, 2024
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Christene Mayo: Simply Impactful


Everyone Deserves Great Care. That line captivated Christene Mayo, School-Based Health Clinic (SBHC) Coordinator 2 years ago when she volunteered at the HealthPoint as a Quality Improvement Assistant (QIA), and she’s been with us ever since. As a Quality Improvement Assistant, Christene helped connect patients with important resources and in response, was able to see how their health improved through regular check-ins. HealthPoint’s passionate culture for helping others access health care is what also brought Christene back after graduating college. According to Christene, her time as a QIA taught her “how fulfilling it can be to assist in providing such fundamental community service, especially when working alongside the fantastic team (at HealthPoint.) Not only do we help patients, but we also help each other. My work was simple but impactful and helped improve others' quality of life overall.” Now as an SBHC Coordinator, Christene can help more people as she guides student patients through their health care needs and connects them with resources, they may otherwise not have access to.

One of her most memorable moments at HealthPoint was helping a first-generation immigrant student with different health conditions. Christene shares, “We helped guide them on where to go, obtaining insurance, and getting dental care. During this time, they developed a sense of trust and familiarity with the clinic staff through the consistent support and outreach they were provided.” For Christene, she always thought she would grow up to be a nurse but as she got older, she realized many different career paths within health care can help the community.

Learn more about School-Based Health Clinics and Christene’s role as an SBHC Coordinator in the video below.