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Cristal Herrera: Connecting through Health

May 25th, 2023
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Cristal Herrera: Connecting through Health


HealthPoint was there for Cristal Herrera growing up and now as the School-Based Health Clinic Coordinator for Thomas Jefferson, she wants to be that advocate that teens need. When she was young, Cristal wanted to be an immigration lawyer to help Hispanic immigrant families like hers whose opportunities were taken away from them based on their immigrant status. When college no longer became an option after her first year, she switched gears and HealthPoint came back into the picture.

Cristal had a friend in the medical field who helped her land a job at the front desk of the practice she worked at and from there, Cristal received the necessary training she needed to transition to HealthPoint. Looking back on the experience, she described it as a “blessing in disguise because I’m now here.” From CSR to School-based Health Coordinator, Cristal has been with the organization for almost 5 years and continues to be excited about being part of the change that helps break down barriers.

When we asked Cristal who her biggest inspiration was, she replied with tears, her family. As a first-generation graduate with immigration status, she feels motivated to do her best for them. Her family doesn’t have the same opportunities as she does, so on the days she has no motivation left, she thinks of them and pushes through.

Cristal Herrera with her family

Learn how school-based health clinics make a difference in kids’ lives in the video below.