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Dr. Robert Allred: Serving the Community

June 22nd, 2023
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Dr. Robert Allred: Serving the Community


It’s all about treating people with respect. Dr. Robert Allred was drawn to HealthPoint for our mission to serve King County’s diverse community in a meaningful and empowering way. As an advocate and ally to the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Dr. Robert Allred explained the different ways his specialty offers gender-affirming care for his patients, including helping with IDs and documents; dressing to affirm gender, and the simplest form of care – just being polite and kind to people. However, it’s more than that because according to him, “it’s about advocating for more gender-affirming resources like gender-neutral restrooms, that their health records accurately reflect their identity. It’s also advocating at the local, state, and federal levels to make sure we are providing protection for the community.”

Dr. Allred holding the progressive Pride flag at HealthPoint

As a paragon of good, Superman is Dr. Robert Allred’s inspiration for the work he does as a Behavioral Health Education Program Director and provider. When we asked why, he said, “He is an example of someone who’s always trying to do good to serve his community.”

After hearing Dr. Robert Allred passionately explain the ways he and HealthPoint serve the LGBTQ+ community, we couldn’t help but ask where it started. What sparked this passionate journey into allyship? He explained to us that he had a patient come out to him as transgender but had unfortunately not received affirming care. They weren’t comfortable speaking with anyone else about it and so Dr. Allred realized the significance of the barriers people like his patient faced because of ignorant and ugly things other groups of people say and continue to do.

Learn more about how HealthPoint helps the LGBTAQIA2+ community in the video below.