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HealthPoint opens its sixth school-based health center

January 17th, 2023

By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

HealthPoint opens its sixth school-based health center


We’re excited to announce the opening of our sixth school-based health center (SBHC) at Highline High School.  This health center will serve the 1,000+ students at Highline High, but is also open to all middle and high school students in the entire Highline district!

Annissa Wallace, HealthPoint’s School-Based Health Center Manager, shared why HealthPoint opened this health center: "As an agency that was already operating two SBHCs in the Highline Public School District, we greatly understood the need for more resources. Our Tyee and Evergreen locations often saw students from Highline High School, so we are happy to now be on campus providing services and breaking down access barriers.”

As the only school-based health center provider in South King County, HealthPoint has been providing access to quality health care services for over 16 years. Since 2020, we have increased access to health care in schools, doubling school-based health centers from three in 2020 to six in 2023. The most rewarding part of working with school-based health centers for Annissa is “being able to empower our youth by helping them understand the importance of preventive health and allowing them to take control of their well-being.”

Registration is open to all middle and high school students in the Highline district.  Sign up for the clinic's services here. 


Highline High school-based health center launch team includes HealthPoint staff from SeaTac, Evergreen, and Clinical Support.