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I Wear Blue for My Mom

March 23rd, 2017

I Wear Blue for My Mom


On July 2014 my beautiful mother, Consuelo Bravo, was diagnosed with stage four Colorectal Cancer. Three months after finding out she had cancer, she started radiation treatment, then chemotherapy, took lots of medication, and also had an ostomy. With all of these treatments and medication my mom wasn’t getting any better. We struggled to keep her weight up. She pushed herself every day to live another day. As the year went by my mom kept getting worse, nothing was helping. 

On August 27, 2015 my mom was admitted to Valley Medical Center with Doctor Ingber. We thought it would be a in and out visit like every other time. But, this time it was different. Every day, every second that went by was a day to cherish. I was with her day and night I wasn’t able to leave her sight.  Doctors went from saying she has a few months left to she has 24 hours left. We got to say our goodbyes to my momma; we cried, we laughed, we were silent, and each one of her children got to tell her how much she meant to us and how much we love her.

On September 11, 2015 at 1:27 pm my mom took her last breath. I lost my love, my laughter, the one I would always depend on, my world. So, here I am sharing to you my story. Not so you can feel bad for me. But, to share this moment with me and many other people that are going through a similar situation.

Please bring awareness to the people you love and the people that surround you.