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Joel Yea: Generations of Healing

February 10th, 2023

By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Joel Yea: Generations of Healing


Joel Yea’s journey as a third-generation acupuncturist led him to work at HealthPoint. Prior to joining the HealthPoint team, he treated the underserved in other community health clinics during his externships. He was drawn to our organization’s work with refugees and that we treat everyone despite financial circumstances. As the son of refugees, Joel described joining HealthPoint as, “my way of giving back.”

One of Joel’s most memorable moments at HealthPoint was the time he helped heal a patient’s severe back pain. According to Joel, “at end of the treatment, they were able to stand up straight, gait improved, and they weren’t as hunched over. I remember them saying their pain was 60% better.” After three or four more visits with Joel, the patient’s pain was almost completely gone. Joel credits his two biggest inspirations, his parents, for his determination to heal his patients.

Learn more about Joel’s start in acupuncture and the common misconceptions of the health field in the video below.