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Kuljit Kahlon: Leading with Purpose

May 1st, 2024
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Kuljit Kahlon: Leading with Purpose


“Kent Urgent Care fosters a strong sense of community. We place a high priority on meeting the needs of our community and delivering exceptional patient care.”

A health care leader with experience, Kuljit Kahlon was drawn to the opportunity of leading HealthPoint’s Urgent Care clinic when it was presented. Kuljit explains, “Most people who are drawn to community health truly are dedicated to the mission and values at the root of CHCs (community health clinics), but I’m also interested in the future of where community care will go as the needs of our patients change.” Her foundational leadership skills add to the team’s continued success in health care accessibility and the satisfaction of improving community health experiences.

Kuljit Kahlon believes that “a great leader is someone who sets a positive example for their team by actively participating in tasks alongside them. They view themselves as equals rather than superiors and recognize the value of teamwork in achieving positive outcomes for  patients and employees.”

The HealthPoint Kent Urgent Care team emphasizes meeting the community's needs while delivering exceptional patient care. Unlike retail-based urgent cares, they provide a seamless pathway to primary care through the many services HealthPoint provides like insurance assistance, interpreter services, on-site behavioral support, nearby dental services, and the convenience of scheduling follow-up appointments with your primary care provider.

Kuljit’s biggest inspiration and motivation comes from her children. “My kids inspire me to be creative, to think outside of the box.  Kids can invent a million different ways to do one thing and they approach the unknown with joy and eagerness to learn. They inspire me to make better choices as a leader by helping me understand what it truly means to make decisions that impact others.”

Learn more about Kuljit and our Urgent Care health clinic in the video below.