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Michael Tzeng: The Human Touch

October 6th, 2023
HealthPoint Programs & Staff, Stories

By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Michael Tzeng: The Human Touch


Michael Tzeng’s dream has always been to make life easier for others. It’s about connection to the community. According to Michael, he was compelled to work in health care because, “Growing up I always knew I wanted to go into healthcare and patient care. Which field it was was up in the air until I was sick as a kid one day. I had gone to see my doctor and my dad said we had to stop by the pharmacy. I asked why since the doctor was supposed to make me better and at that point, I started to see how integrated into patient healthcare the pharmacy and pharmacist is.” Since becoming a pharmacist, Michael has significantly enjoyed his time at HealthPoint rather than in the retail world. He has time to connect with patients, get to know them, and provide better quality care. He is also able to work closely with the providers while being a vital resource to them.

Connecting to the community doesn’t stop there. When Michael isn’t caring for patients at HealthPoint or working collaboratively with health care providers to improve patient care, he can also be found at the gym where he has connected to the community through exercise. For Michael, “the community aspect of that setting is something that is very hard to replicate.”

Learn more about what Michael does and about 340B in the video below.