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Rachel Cradduck: Confidence in Health Care

October 20th, 2023
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Rachel Cradduck: Confidence in Health Care


Confidence is blooming for Redmond Clinic Medical Assistant (MA) Rachel Cradduck. As a kid, Rachel always knew she wanted to be in health care to be “someone’s calm” the way a phlebotomist was hers when she was a patient. Her dream to work in health care, initially in a lab, grew when Rachel enrolled in the Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program at HealthPoint. This career move allowed Rachel to do more for the community she serves as a certified Medical Assistant. HealthPoint has always had a special place in Rachel’s heart. Rachel explains, “My son, who had some pretty severe medical challenges was a patient when he was an infant, HealthPoint cared for him and made sure his health was a priority. which made me know this place was legit.”

For anyone afraid to start their health journey, Rachel suggests, “being involved and asking questions. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want and listen to your body. “

Learn more about Rachel and what she does as a Medical Assistant in the video below.