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Stephanie Egwuatu: We’re Here Too. Representation in Medicine

February 21st, 2024
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Stephanie Egwuatu: We’re Here Too. Representation in Medicine


“I want you to feel heard, to be understood, and that I’m here to support you.”

Stephanie Egwuatu, a Family Medicine Resident at Auburn North clinic heard stories from a young age about her family not having access to adequate medical care because of a lack of resources. Stephanie continued, “Being Nigerian Ugandan American I never once saw a black doctor in Washington that I could relate to growing up and I wanted to fill that void.”

HealthPoint was a top choice when Stephanie decided where to do her residency. It was important for her to be back home in Auburn, Washington so she applied to the HealthPoint residency program. She was drawn to our mission of eliminating health care disparities by providing medical care for everyone. With HealthPoint serving a diverse community, it’s important to have representation in health care. Stephanie added, “We know that patients feel more a part of their care, feel understood, feel that they can relate to someone with similar racial or ethnic backgrounds and as a result, there are better health outcomes.”

Stephanie’s parents played a big role in why she pursued medicine. “They are the most beautiful, hardworking, caring, selfless people I know. They came to this country with absolutely nothing and have built a beautiful family, they are black excellence. They are the reason I am here today in this position. They have taught me what true love is, the love that translates into sacrifice and service to others” she shared.

Check out the video below to learn more about Stephanie and why representation in medicine matters.