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Sundeep Malhi: Engaged Connection

August 14th, 2023
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Sundeep Malhi: Engaged Connection


Sundeep’s inspiration for his work in patient experience and community engagement comes from his family and work colleagues. Although he got his start in the corporate world, he has known from a young age that he wanted to help others with his skills. HealthPoint and nonprofit health care were the answer. His switch from corporate work to nonprofit health care was purposeful as he continues to do impactful work that engages with the community that he grew up in.  Sundeep explains, “Coming from an immigrant family, I saw the various struggles of accessing healthcare, especially for people where English was a second language. I was the kid that filled out forms for my dad and scheduled appointments. I am now able to work with multiple populations and can relate to their needs.”

As Patient Experience and Community Engagement Manager at HealthPoint, we asked Sundeep what the difference was between the two. He says, “Patient experience is more geared toward how the patients feel and interact within your clinic space or when visiting your website or other platforms, and the overall satisfaction they receive based on the experience with providers and services. Community Engagement revolves around working with other community partners to provide services to the community. This could be in the form of health and resource fairs where vaccines or other medical services are offered.” While patient experience is focused more on the experience in the clinic, community engagement works with partners to interact with the community at large. However, both go hand in hand to guarantee patients get the care that they need from our community partners.

Sundeep walking with daughter alongside riverbank.

When Sundeep isn’t focused on elevating the patient experience at work, he can be found binge-watching random cartoons on the internet with his daughter, hiking in the great Pacific Northwest, or being a homebody and relaxing at home. What others may not know about him is the meaning behind his tattoos. According to Sundeep, “My first tattoo was written in Punjabi in my mom’s handwriting, it says, “God is one” and it inspired a religious/family style of half sleeve on my left arm. The front piece of the arm is a staircase to heaven with a floating dove. The backside is the Golden temple in India, pieced together by a peacock and a moon with a shooting star with my sisters initials inside of it. One lion head on my back, and solar half sleeve on my right arm.” His next tattoo will most likely be on his leg and dedicated to his daughter.

Check out the video below to learn more about what Sundeep does at HealthPoint.