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Veena Nadagouda: Patients at the Top

September 22nd, 2023
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By: Natasha Rudolph, Communications Coordinator

Veena Nadagouda: Patients at the Top


Veena Nadagouda’s cultural values of understanding, respect, and love have shaped her professional career as a Patient Access Lead at HealthPoint. Embedded in her since she was a young child, Veena has always believed in helping others and leading by example. At the Call Center, patients are her top priority. She always makes sure to provide every resource they may need.

Back in 2020, during the Pandemic, Veena was looking for a meaningful way to help her community by using her Native language in the medical field. That’s how she found HealthPoint where she became inspired by the front-line medical staff that worked tirelessly to provide care to the community. The most challenging times she can remember were also during the Pandemic when call volumes were incredibly high coincidentally, it was also rewarding to be able to get the care HealthPoint patients needed during such a crucial time.

Loved by many at HealthPoint, Veena has been dubbed the “Call Center Mom.” When asked why, she responded, “I think it is just the way I come across. By acknowledging their presence and asking them how they are doing, appreciating their small victories, and motivating them.” For Veena, it’s important her colleagues are well because then everyone thrives. However, as everyone knows, customer service roles can sometimes be challenging. Veena’s secret to success is to always be on your toes, show excitement throughout the day, and make every patient feel cared for. According to Veena, “Empathy, good communication, patience, being resourceful, problem-solving, active listening, and having a positive attitude helps me take care of the patient's needs.”

Learn more about Veena in the video below.