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Vision and Partnership in Sunset

October 30th, 2020

By: Kerry Gallo, Patient Communications and Marketing Manager

Vision and Partnership in Sunset



Renton Mayor Armondo Pavone spoke at the Grand Opening.

Ribbon cutting ceremony with Renton Housing Authority, City of Renton, HealthPoint, Centro Rendu, Valley Cities, and Neighborhood House.

Masks, sanitizers, and other goodies for the community!

Touring the new clinic with Clinic Director Jasdeep Malhi

Food Lifeline donated grocery boxes for the community

The former Renton Highlands Library is now a LEED Silver certified building

In October, HealthPoint’s newest clinic opened at the Sunset Neighborhood Center in Renton. This clinic began with a vision shaped by the community to improve the health and well-being of the neighborhood. It became a reality through the hard work of the Renton Housing Authority and the City of Renton to transform the former Renton Highlands Library into a place where residents could receive health care and social services under one roof. 

At the Sunset Neighborhood Center, residents of Sunset and the surrounding community can access supportive services that are essential to whole-person health and wellbeing. The partner organizations at the Center are: 

  • HealthPoint, the anchor health care organization in the Sunset Community. We provide primary care services including medical and behavioral health care for all ages.  

  • Centro Rendu, whose mission is to protect, support, and defend Latino immigrant families through education, social services, legal advocacy, and leadership development. 

  • Neighborhood House promotes early learning, youth education, family and social services, employment and adult education, health, and housing stability. 

  • Valley Cities provides mental health and substance use services for all ages, including individual, family, and group counseling. 

“Together with these amazing partners, HealthPoint can link patients to the support they need for housing, employment, mental health care, and more,” said Jasdeep Malhi, who leads HealthPoint’s clinics in Sunset and Renton. “HealthPoint staff can work side-by-side with Centro Rendu, Neighborhood House, and Valley Cities to improve a person’s overall situation, which we know leads to better health outcomes.” 

HealthPoint has deep roots in Renton. Many of HealthPoint’s staff live in or were raised in Sunset and Renton, so they have a deep understanding of the community’s strengths and needs. 2021 will mark 50 years since HealthPoint first opened its headquarters in Renton. In addition to the clinic at Sunset Neighborhood Center, HealthPoint operates an all-ages clinic on 2nd Avenue and a school-based health center at Renton High School that serves middle- and high school-age youth across the district.  

HealthPoint’s partnerships with the City of Renton, Renton Innovation Zone Partnership, Renton Area Youth & Family Services, and Doug Baldwin’s Family First Foundation have helped us continue to grow to meet the needs of the Renton community. 

HealthPoint is grateful to the many partners who brought the Sunset Neighborhood Center to life. We look forward to serving the Sunset neighborhood and surrounding communities for years to come. 

Watch a recorded livestream of the Sunset Neighborhood Center’s grand opening.